Design Series 3.0 5 Pack - $13 per shield

The Design Series lets you pick a unique decal to express yourself during these trying times and have some fun while staying safe, Design Series shields are all made from the latest Soley Shield 3.0 model. Make sure to pick your design below!


The Soley Shield 3.0 is an unique high quality face shield, made 100% here in the U.S.A. If you need the safest, most comfortable, and longest lasting face shield; you found it.


The only face shield designed by doctors and quality tested. sized to give complete front and side protection while retaining full freedom of movement. With our patent pending coutour cut safe vent foam to ensure cool breathable comfort during all day use and elimate issue with fogging. Our fully adjustable slotted, latex free, headband ensures a secure and comfortable fit with any size head. Our unique design means you can fully sanitize and safely reuse our shield multiple times.


Design Series 3.0 5 Pack - $13 per shield

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