Frequently asked questions

Do the shields protect from covid-19

Yes! Our shields help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by blocking particulate spray in the air from reaching your mouth, nose, and eyes

Can the shields be reused

Our Shields are made so they can be cleaned and sanitized allowing for multiple uses. However if you are in a high risk enviroment we reccomend switching to a new shield each day.

How can I clean a shield

The best way to clean and sanitize our shields is to clean them with isopropyl alcohol. Dip a clean cloth in the alcohol and wipe down the plastic, foam, and band. Keep re-wetting the cloth to make sure everywhere it throughly cleaned. Then Let sit for 3-5 minutes before drying. To dry wipe the plastic with a dry cloth to ensure it is clear and free of any steaks or lines

How to attach the headband

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