The Soley Shield 3.0

Designed by Doctors, With 360° Protection


Class Leading Quality

Soley Shields are made from high quality, optically clear, fog resistant PET-G plastic, the best face shield plastic on the market. With far superior visual qualities to polycarbonate or vinyl, our shield prevents visual distortion and fogging.

Full Face 


The Soley Shield width fits most people halfway between the eye and the ear, with the length reaching safely below the chin. The lower shield curvature and headband design allows free movement with minimal interference from the shield.

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Our shield design features our patent pending Bio-Curve Design which offers maximum protection, functionality and comfort to minimize heat and fogging. We use a custom-built fixture to curve the shield while foam is being adhered to it, giving our shields their unique curve and ensuring a more comfortable fit.

Quality Engineered into every Detail

Contour Cut


The Soley Shield 3.0 contour cut foam has five specially engineered vents that prevent fogging while simultaneously ensuring your safety. The foam and safe-vent grooves provide maximum protection from virus particles without the weight of heavy plastic headbands.

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Fully Adjustable


The fully adjustable headband is made of wide knit, latex-free elastic ensuring a good fit, gentle compression, and all-day comfort.



Our trademarked i-Decal has a dedicated white name tag that can be used for a name, ID number, or anything else you may want. This allows our customers to keep track of their own shield.


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