Soley Medical Devices

Soley Medical Devices is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and has been manufacturing precision healthcare products since 2012. We obsess over the details so you don’t have to.

Soley Medical Devices has a number of brands, that exist under our company. Including Soley Orthotics, Soley Insoles, and now Soley Shields. We are also a supplier and distributer of medical foams and materials to the medical industry. 

We have focuses on developing new products that better serve the industries we are in. Recently we have begun to take some of the advances we have made in the medical field and translate them in to more accessible products for consumers, like our insoles. We pride ourselves on being innovative while keeping the customer as our first priority.

Responding to the COVID Pandemic


Since the COVID-19 outbreak many of the doctors' we normally work with have been shut down. We decided to see how we could help and provide jobs to people who needed them. So we pulled together a team including Rolls Royce engineers and doctors from multiple disciplines to developed a safe, quality face shield. One that is fully adjustable and able to be sanitized and reused safely.

WIth the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic we have shifted to making face shields, right here in the USA. We make our shields with the same passion for quality that we have been making custom medical devices with for almost a decade now. Our team has years of experience and we rigorously train all new personnel. We make everything here at our production facility in Indianapolis, IN.


There are many unsafe and uncomfortable face shield being sold now that in the real world are not safe. Some become to hot to wear or they have a large gap between the forehead and the shield. Others fog forcing you to raise the shield up to clean it. Some are just so poorly made they fall apart within hours of being worn. Don't get something that doesn't work!


We guarantee our shields will be comfortable, safe, and durable!

A percentage of all Purchases go to donating shields to the most effected areas throughout the country in order to help the brave healthcare workers' who are on the front lines.

Soley Shield 

The Soley Shield is unique among face shields in it's careful design and engineering in order to make the best face shield available in the market today. We worked to make it extra comfortable with our patent pending contour cut foam with safe vent cooling. While our team of doctors and aerospace engineers ensured a design that offered complete protection of the eyes, nose, and mouth from viral particulates.  

Having seen and tested over 20 other face shields on the market we know that almost all come with noticeable scratches and many come without even being in sealed bags. We also developed a comprehensive manufacturing process that ensures that our shields stay scratch free and clean. We also go the extra mile to make sure all our shields are fully cleaned and sanitized when packed. 

To see all details that make the Soley Shield 3.0 unique and a great value for keeping you safe see our shield info page.